Our microgreens for sale at the Moscow Food Coop

1013962_10151680938250900_298982017_n   IMG_5607

Donna Mills and Zach Johnson have been cultivation a new crop for Soil Stewards: MICROGREENS!! These greens are small plants grown to the cotyledon or first true leaf stage. These are beyond sprouts but not by much.

The health benefits of microgreens are often times forty fold over the larger adult plant. In an article published originally in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemisrty and then shared on WebMD, researcher Gene Lester, PhD, of the USDA shares his surprise at the research results.

“To find that the levels were not only detectible but in some cases 4-6 times more concentrated than in the leaves of a mature plant, I find that quite astonishing.”

Researcher Qin Wang, PhD, assistant professor at the University of Maryland in College Park. “When we first got the results we had to rush to double and triple check them.”

For example, red cabbage microgreens had 40 times more vitamin E and six times more vitamin C than mature red cabbage. Cilantro microgreens had three times more beta-carotene than mature cilantro.

“Because microgreens are harvested right after germination, all the nutrients they need to grow are there,” says Wang. “If they are harvested at the right time they are very concentrated with nutrients, and the flavor and texture is also good.”

For more information on this article refer to WedMD at http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20120831/tiny-microgreens-packed-nutrients.

We love our micro greens, the flavors are bold and these little guys are addicting. Ready to try them yourself? Come see us at the Saturday Moscow Farmers Market or find them on the salad bar at the Moscow Food Coop.


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