CSA Newsletter – Here comes fall!


My, has it been a busy fall on the farm!

We started out the academic year by hosting a big group of new students participating in the orientation event SYNC: Serving Your New Community. They were a might help and got a lot done.










Our next big event was our annual Farm Dinner. It was a lovely dinner out on the farm, with a lot to commend itself. A farm tour, wine, live music, delicious food grown on the farm, fire, a few lovely words, the sun setting over the Palouse Hills, and an overall delightful ambiance. It is always a joy to see an evening come together like that!










Now, we’ve had some rain and we are getting ourselves into fall. Things are still growing at the farm – we were lucky this week and did not get frosted over this week. However, due to the intermittent rains… our tomatoes are splitting. This generally occurs when your plants receive uneven watering. If you’re interested in learning a little more about this process, check out this article: http://organicgardening.about.com/od/vegetablesherbs/a/Why-Do-Tomatoes-Split.htm

The happy thing about it being fall is the ripening of our pumpkins! I hope you enjoy receiving them in your share this week. If you’re feeling like a little pie (I know I am), check out this page: http://www.pickyourown.org/pumpkinpie.php. About half way down the page, you’ll find the directions for making pie. Boil it or bake it, use it now or freeze it for later. Wise words of advice from Jodi (the Soil Stewards advisor): Don’t be afraid of spice!


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