First frost











The frost has come and now it really feels like fall!


Wednesday night, we had a light frost out at the farm… so the more serious frosts are soon to come.


Knowing this, we picked all possible of the frost sensitive crops. The remaining peppers are off the bushes – over 900 of them harvested this week! The last bit of lettuce is also off. Furthermore, we cleaned off the tomato plants. Many of them are green. You could be patient and see if they’ll ripen, or try some fried green tomatoes. Here is a recipe:

We gave out a lot more squash this week. I know with this quantity of squash is sometimes hard find new ways to cook it. After getting a little tired of sautéed squash, I looked up new recipes. This one for summer squash casserole worked out really well! I made a big pan of it with all of the squash I’ve built up and have been eating it throughout this week. It’s great on its own or on a piece of bread. I used olive oil instead of butter and also a lot of parsley from the last weeks. Here is the link:

We are not yet sure how long into October our shares will continue. We do have a few more pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, and potentially a few other treats.

See you next week!




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